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No glasses.
No contacts.
No cataracts.
The safe and easy way.
AGE 18-45
Tired of wearing glasses? Not tolerating your contact lenses? 
Laser surgery can improve the quality of your vision and reduce the risks of contact lens wear.
AGE 45-60
Keep changing between reading & distance glasses?
Not tolerating your lenses?
Laser or refractive lens surgery can improve your quality of vision and life. 
AGE 60 or more
Struggling when driving at night, troubled by glare or struggling with detail in your vision?
Cataract or refractive lens surgery can improve the quality of your vision.

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Cataract surgery
  • Enables you to see the detail you've been missing for distance and near. With no need for glasses!

  • You’ll see life in living colour once again and resolve any problems with glare. 

  • Surgery only takes 15-20 minutes. 

  • Standard lenses, used for NHS surgeries, provide clear vision but reading glasses will still be needed.

  • Cataract surgery with a multifocal lens, provided by Aris Vision Correction, can achieve clarity of vision at distance and close proximity without glasses. 

Lens exchange surgery
  • Can restore the natural sharpness of your vision.

  • Can achieve freedom from glasses in 4 out of 5 patients, for distance and near.

  • Allows you to enjoy an active lifestyle more easily.

  • Surgery only takes 15-20 minutes.

  • Eliminates the risks of wearing contact lenses. 

  • Can correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.

  • Eliminates the need for cataract surgery in later life.   

Laser eye surgery
  • Allows you to enjoy an active lifestyle without the compromise of glasses and contact lenses.

  • A permanent solution to short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.

  • Freedom from reading glasses too!

  • Surgery only takes 10-15 minutes.

  • One of the most commonly performed and safest procedures worldwide.
  • Eliminates the risks of wearing contact lenses. 


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Why Aris Konstantopoulos

Aris is a consultant ophthalmologist at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, and a founding partner at Laser Vision Eye Centre. He predominantly treats conditions of the cornea and anterior segment and specialises in cataract, cornea and refractive surgery. He has a keen academic interest, has published numerous manuscripts and regularly teaches medical and optometry students.

Jemma C.

"Dr Aris gave me complete confidence in the procedure I was having. He knows exactly how to usher one through the whole experience. At all times I felt I was in very able hands."

Christine P.

"I had corrective lenses inserted in both eyes ... I am delighted with the results. After 10 years of wearing varifocal spectacles I no longer need them."

Georgiana M.

"Had lens exchange surgery on both eyes with Dr Aris in past 6 months, I am very pleased with the results and the process has been very professional, caring and reassuring."

Graham C.

"I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of care and professionalism that Aris and his team have shown at all stages in the process.

 I am really happy with the way that it ended up and the path that I followed."

Experienced NHS Consultant
Cataract and refractive surgeon
Professional and friendly care

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Aris Konstantopoulos MB ChB, MSc, FRCOphth, PhD

Consultant Eye Surgeon

Cataract, cornea and refractive surgery

Consultation clinics:

  • Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital, Eastleigh, SO53 2DW

  • Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital, Guildford, GU2 7RF

  • Southampton Spire Hospital, Southampton, SO16 6UY

  • University Hospital Southampton NHS FT, SO16 6YD


Mr Aris Konstantopoulos

Aris Vision Correction

Southampton Spire Hospital

Southampton, SO16 6YD

T: 02381 812281

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