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If you’re of a certain vintage or suffer from specific health conditions, chances are that you have been shielding during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And despite restrictions being eased, a good measure of self-isolation is likely to be part of our life for the foreseeable future.

But lockdown is no barrier to discussing cataract surgery with Aris Vision Correction, because we’re offering free cataract surgery mini-consults on Zoom and Skype for your convenience.

Struggling to read or see what’s going on around your home could be a symptom of cataracts – but there’s no need to panic because Aris Vision Correction can carry out surgery that removes cataracts and replaces them with an artificial lens that lasts a lifetime.

Find out more about cataract surgery below and arrange a Zoom or Skype mini-consult today to discuss your options.

Tell-tale signs of cataract?

As well as experiencing a general feeling that your vision simply isn’t what it used to be, specific symptoms of cataracts include the following:

  • Cloudy or blurred vision.

  • Finding it hard to discern details at distance or at close range.

  • Experiencing a gradual fading of colours.

  • Finding night driving extremely challenging.

  • Experiencing dazzling glare from oncoming vehicle headlights.

  • Having to change your glasses repeatedly in order to see.

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What is a cataract?

A cataract is a natural lens which has become cloudy, with resultant loss of eyesight clarity and poor, blurred vision.

The lens of your eye is located behind the iris, the coloured portion that provides us with blue, green or brown eyes, and it’s usually crystal clear.

Cataracts can naturally develop with age, but they can also be caused by certain eye conditions, eye trauma or a side-effect of steroids. 

Benefits of cataract surgery?

There are several benefits to cataract surgery:

  • It can enable you to see the detail you have been missing for distance and near.

  • It restores your eagle-eyed vision and eliminates the need for glasses in one fell swoop.

  • You’ll see life (and your loved ones) in living colour once again, enjoy all the fine details you’ve been missing out on and resolve any problems with glare. 

  • Surgery only takes 15-20 minutes and requires a 2-3 hour stay in hospital. 

  • Monofocal lenses are used for most NHS cataract surgeries in the UK – they provide clear vision but reading glasses will still be needed to aid all near activities.

  • Cataract surgery with a multifocal lens, provided by Aris Vision Correction, can achieve clarity of vision at distance and close proximity without glasses and can be combined with astigmatism reduction (toric lens). 

Cataract surgery can dramatically improve your quality of life – if you’re interested in finding out more, we can easily arrange a Zoom or Skype mini-consult right now and then book surgery at the Wessex Nuffield or Southampton Spire Hospitals for as soon as possible. 

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Christine P.

I had corrective lenses inserted in both eyes ... I am delighted with the results. After 10 years of wearing varifocal spectacles I no longer need them.

Jemma C.

Dr Aris gave me complete confidence in the procedure I was having. He knows exactly how to usher one through the whole experience. At all times I felt I was in very able hands.

Georgiana M.

Had lens exchange surgery on both eyes with Dr Aris in past 6 months, I am very pleased with the results and the process has been very professional, caring and reassuring.

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